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Broadband Services

Broadband services at Flexicomms

At Flexicomms, our broadband services not only provide the speed and reliability you need, you also receive our great, personal customer service.

By switching to Flexicomms and you could also reduce your business broadband costs; we are often cheaper than BT business network services.

The benefits of switching to Flexicomms now include:

  • Free migrations on all connections on a like-for-like connection
  • No download limit - if you need to view or download it, you probably need it now
  • Fixed IP Address – unlike many service providers, we provide a fixed IP address (a unique identifier) with all packages. This is vital when considering networking & VOIP
  • Extremely reliable – users can expect high reliability
  • Competitively priced and often cheaper than BT’s Business network services

If you would like more information regarding the services we provide please don't hesitate to contact us using the link below.

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