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Least Cost Routing

least cost routing

The savings that Least Cost Routing (LCR) can provide are considerable and our aim is to ensure that your call reliability does not suffer, but you save a much as possible on your regular telephone bills, be it comprised of mobile, national or international calls – or all three.

FlexiComms can provide you with the advice, management and equipment needed to put in place an effective call and line rental solution, ensuring that your calling and overhead costs are kept to the minimum.

All carriers provide A-Z lists of the countries they route calls to and what it costs. An effective Least Cost Routing service allows our clients to route to the lowest cost carrier on a per call basis, meaning they stay ahead of fluctuating call costs.

Our systems can cherry pick the path of your outbound communications to ensure that you are receiving the lowest cost, but this is carefully balanced against call quality so you get the same super-reliability you are used to as a FlexiComms customer.

Our team can provide you with the help and advice you need to implement Least Cost Routing and can also supply the equipment and software, along with configuring it all to get you up and running.

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