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Conferencing calling setup at Flexicomms

Conferencing and conference calling are a vital component of modern business communication, allowing multisite organisations to have meetings in the most efficient way possible and for businesses and clients from far and wide to have meetings without leaving the office.

Conference calling is a means of eliminating travel expenses and allowing workers to be more productive. Common applications are client meetings or sales reviews, project meetings and reviews, non-visual training and communication with employees from different locations.

Whether you need all parties to be able to communicate or some to just listen to a presentation we can advise on the best way of achieving the correct set-up, even if the call is to be in conjunction with online presentation materials.

FlexiComms is able to advise on all aspects of conference calling, from which equipment is the best for your needs, to installation, configuration and ongoing support. We can help you get the most from this powerful tool that help you cut costs and increase staff productivity by reducing travel time.

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