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Voice & phone call recording software


Xarios call recording solutions scale effectively across a wide range of specifications, whether the requirement is for a small business or for a specialist contact centre with multiple sites.

Xarios provides a range of adaptable solutions that are flexible to customer's requirements and integrate with existing business systems. These products include desktop telephony integration, campaign diallers, interactive voice response (IVR) and call recording.

Cost effective and scalable, Xarios call recording systems are designed to provide tailored solutions that will fit the profile of your specific business operations. Analysing business and customer interaction is more important than ever when trying to understand customer requirements, and can assist in gaining competitive advantage by ensuring your organisation remains agile.

Investing in the Xarios Call Recorder at any level provides features and benefits once considered to be only available in large complex contact centres. Features such as the tagging of recordings into your CRM database, network archiving and retrieval using sophisticated search and playback options are available in a secure environment that complies with the latest regulations and legislation.

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