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VoIP QoS (Quality of Service) is a major issue with VoIP implementation, due to the high amounts of traffic that run through the IP network.

Too much traffic in the network can cause delays, loss of quality or cause the packets to drop off completely if not managed in the right way.  With voice being a “real time” application, it is essential that voice packets get to the destination in time, otherwise voice quality suffers with intermittent speech. This can actually make VoIP calls sound like a step back to the 1970’s rather than a 21st Century innovation.

It is essential to have sufficient bandwidth, packet classification and queuing mechanisms in place and our highly-trained technical staff can help you with this.

FlexiComms offer expert QoS advice, including how best manage the traffic within your VoIP system to ensure your system and voice traffic run as smoothly as possible.

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