Our Partners

At Flexicomms Limited we value our partners and have over the last few years increased our strategic partnerships in order to grow our business.

We are currently looking to develop new contracts with IT and electrical companies and can act as a subcontractor or as part of an in-house team.

IT Companies

Probably one of the key business sectors across the whole spectrum of UK industries and potential customers, companies involved in the provision of IT support services are symbiotic with our own services.

With the seemingly ever-increasing number of business processes and operations that are reliant on a fast, reliable and flexible data network, the role of the IT Support company is key to the performance and growth of their clients.  Equally, having a fast, reliable and flexible data network is built upon the provision of a fast reliable internet connection and also a structured cabling network to be able to service the users and devices within the business’s network.

With FlexiComms working alongside the IT company, as a supporting partner, allows the IT company to provide expertise and specialised knowledge  to their clients giving them reassurance as well as access to the latest network standards and upgrades to ensure that the network will always perform to the end clients’ requirements.

Over the years, we have established many successful partnerships with local, regional and national IT companies, building successful and trusting relationships and servicing their clients within the SME and wider markets.

IT consultant presenting tag cloud about information technology
Still Life Of Electrical Components Arranged On Plans

Electrical Contractors

When considered as a key sector to modern day business communications, is provision of reliable and safe electrical installations. After all, IT and communications equipment , no matter how good or expensive, won’t work without electricity!

Within the construction industry, data cabling and communications is often included with the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) portion of a new build or building refurbishment.  In this respect, our partnerships with established and respected M & E contractors allows us to provide a specialised and respected service to the construction industry.

These have grown into long term relationships for their established clients as well as the new and refurbished building construction industry.  In addition to the installation of new projects, we have also established a support programme alongside one particular electrical contractor, providing ongoing support for cargo port facilities, which run 24/7.

In recent years, successful projects completed have included a new build retirement village, new student accommodation for an agricultural college, and new buildings and infrastructure as part of government department installations.

We value all our partners and can provide references.

We are currently growing our strategic partnerships across the East Midlands.

Our team are dedicated in ensuring our partnerships are proactive and add real value to business owners.

We can add real value to our partners.