Business Broadband

Today’s business environment and operation relies heavily on having an active, stable and secure business internet connection. This is used not only for data transmission but increasingly for use by voice services and telephony with the planned demise of the analogue and ISDN networks by BT in the UK by 2025.

Over the last 10 years, the widespread availability of broadband services has put more reliable and faster internet connectivity within the reach of most businesses rather than being the realm of larger businesses or the corporate environment. This has been driven primarily by the development of digital subscriber line (DSL) services, initially with Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) services and the advent of the fibre broadband services Fibre To The cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) or full fibre broadband services in recent years.


With these technological advances and the wider deployment if fibre broadband services within the UK, availability of “Fast” or Ultrafast” broadband speeds has allowed business to migrate to more cloud-based environments for the data and voice services. However, not everyone has access to these fibre broadband-based products as a cost-effective solution for speed versus cost.

In these situations, businesses have two other options for provision of fast Internet connectivity:

  • Fibre leased lines: a dedicated fibre optic connection direct from the local BT Openreach exchange to the business premises. Offers the advantage of synchronous or the same upload and download speed as well as not sharing the connection with any other users or businesses. Cost is a lot higher but these have reduced in recent years and installation times are longer but with proper planning can be accommodated.
  • Wireless Internet connections – depending upon where in the UK the premises are located, there may be options to have a wireless internet connection provided as opposed to a wired one using BT Openreach’s wired network. Primarily aimed at more rural locations where underground cables and connections are more difficult and thus more expensive to provide, wireless internet connections can be quick to deploy, provide a guaranteed speed and can be easily upgraded if required. However, deployment can be affected by topography and proximity to a providers mast.

““Mike and the team at Flexicomms offer a first rate service for all our telephone and Wi-Fi needs and I’m pleased that we’ve switched our business needs to be managed by Flexicomms. From our initial meetings, Mike provided realistic, relevant and affordable options followed by hassle free installation and ongoing support. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Flexicomms”.

Ian Robinson, General Manager, White Hart Hotel


Over the last 10 years there has been a shift in priority and deployment of broadband service within the UK to a fibre based broadband product for both residential and business premises.

Internet cable, RJ-45 plug on laptop keyboard. High speed fiber optic internet concept



FlexiComms can supply comprehensive carrier services in partnership with the main wholesale carrier networks including BT, Virgin, KCom and Talk Talk Business.

Each carrier has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have been working with UK and international carriers for decades and will be sure to find a solution that meets your business needs.

By dealing with the wholesale network level, we are able to respond rapidly to change and develop bespoke and tactical solutions by carriers, so that the services we offer remain highly competitive in their respective markets.


Wireless Internet – across the UK, and focussed on rural areas e.g., Rural Lincolnshire, provision of a fast internet connection using wireless technologies is fast becoming the main alternative to a fixed wired connection. Reliant only on a line-of-sight connection from a main signal mast. Once connected and setup and configured the connection remains available 24/7, with no download limits and is generally of a fixed speed, depending upon the plan. Speeds can be up to 1GB/s download with uploads generally at 50% of download speed.