Our experts have the experience to advise on all aspects of communication systems installation as well as provide a high-quality installation service.

When it comes to communication, the installation of a system is key to obtaining and maintaining a reliable and long-lasting setup, keeping your company connected and ahead of the competition.

Communication is a key part of business and is becoming increasingly more important as location becomes less so. At Flexicomms, we start as we mean to go on, helping your company to save money, become more efficient and build new relationships.

VOIP Setup

A VoIP system has many benefits, it’s a cost-effective, communication system, using internet connectivity, transferable numbers, and it can come with many useful features such as voicemail and voicemail in email-format.

VoIP runs over the internet, rather than phone lines, sending voice packets through a circuit that is higher quality whilst still being able to provide multiple channels to avoid communication loss if a single line is impeded.

One main benefit of VoIP installation, is that you can add as many different devices as you need, including mobile phones, as and when your business requires them.

Whatever your system requires, we can ensure you are fully set up and ready to improve your communication methods, whilst saving yourself money.

The system can be completely designed around your needs and our experts can help guide you through this process, ensuring you have the best solution.

Engineering Service

Our team of engineers are professionally trained and experienced with installing everything from the software to entire multi-site communications systems.

If you have a problem or a system breakdown, our team will be able to help diagnose the problem and offer you a solution to keep your business operating and to keep you communicating with your clients.

Our engineers are here to help. We are here to improve your communication systems, keep your systems up-to-date, inform you about new technologies and, more than anything, keep you running smoothly.

To see how we can help you, talk to our team today.

System Supply

A communication system is only as good as its components. At Flexicomms, we supply the highest quality products for our system installations. We believe in providing our customers with the most reliable solutions, not the cheapest.

We can supply basic headsets and phones to more complex components, we will ensure that you have the most efficient system installed for your needs.

Our years of knowledge and experience within the field of business communications benefit each and every one of our clients and we’ve built up a solid reputation with only the best manufacturers, retailers and Internet providers, to guarantee only the best results for our clients.

Our systems are bespoke to each client, so contact us today to discuss your requirements. We guarantee to help improve your system.

Structured Cabling Install

Structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure made from smaller subsystems. This system must be designed and installed to meet industry regulations and standards. It is essential to hire professionals with the level of experience to ensure it is installed correctly and accurately.

Whether your require installation within a single building or within multiple areas, Flexicomms have the experience and skill to install your communication system efficiently and effectively.

As with all communication systems, there are often a number of options available to you, such as choice of cables. Our consultants and engineers can advise you on which of our products and techniques are best suited to your needs.

For more information about our structured cabling design and installation services, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our team today.

Network Cabling Install

A reliable network is the lifeblood of any organisation’s communications. We understand that when it comes to network cable installation, efficiency is key. We will minimise your downtime by planning and installing the system quickly and effectively and if necessary out of normal working hours.

At Flexicomms we only use high quality tools and products and our engineers are highly experienced. We will give you complete peace of mind that your communication network won’t let you down.

Our engineers can advise you on which of our products and techniques are best suited to your needs.

We’ll get you connected in no time.

Data Cabling Install

It is essential to have a reliable data cabling system for successful communication within your business, particularly if you are considering VoIP. The most effective way to ensure reliability is to have experienced professionals such as Flexicomms install your system.

When installed correctly, these complex systems will become a real asset to your company, and our team of experts will ensure they meet all regulations, to give you complete peace of mind and business continuity.

As with all communication systems, there are often a number of options available to you, such as choice of cables and setups. Our consultants and engineers can advise you on which of our products and techniques are best suited to your needs.

We’ll keep you connected. For more information about our data cabling installation, our team are happy to answer any questions.

Telephone Sockets

Telephone sockets are basic components of any system, other than telephones they are suitable for ADSL, modems, card machines and fax machines too.

We can easily extend or reconfigure your socket setup by either moving or adding additional sockets where needed.

Whatever your needs, our highly trained and experienced installation team will ensure that you have the highest-quality telephone sockets for your business.

We also diagnose and repair faults with existing sockets and can provide and install replacements.

““Mike and the team at Flexicomms offer a first rate service for all our telephone and Wi-Fi needs and I’m pleased that we’ve switched our business needs to be managed by Flexicomms. From our initial meetings, Mike provided realistic, relevant and affordable options followed by hassle free installation and ongoing support. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Flexicomms”.

Ian Robinson, General Manager, White Hart Hotel