The LCS Group working in Partnership with FlexiComms

Projects that Flexicomms have helped our clients at the LCS Group include the following:

Woodhall Spa Golf Club – The Home of English Golf

  • Serviced IT delivery with data and fibre such as underground fibre pull from the main office to site offices, driving range, over 650 metres. Footboxes were built to assist with the fibre pull. A great job delivered.

Janies Seafoods – (Grimsby Docks)

  • Five data access points located in and around the cold store areas were installed at Janies Seafords. Our client was happy with the quality of work.

Spaldings – Agricultural (Lincoln)

  • Another fibre pull with data points into the new offices and warehouses. The job was delivered to time and budget.


LCS LOGOThe LCS Group has the expertise to harness the huge potential of automating a business efficiently and effectively by ensuring all of their clients are able to make an informed choice and realise their true potential when investing in Information Technology.

As a Microsoft certified partner, they have the skills & expertise to deliver a world class service, ensuring that their customers can focus on their core business without the distractions of managing and maintaining their IT platforms in-house.

In an uncertain world where security is paramount and many organisations only discover their vulnerabilities when it is sadly too late, prevention is vital. LCS place security at the top of the agenda for their customers and deliver a combination of system configuration methodologies and user education to ensure that the risk of downtime, financial and reputational loss is minimised.

By far one of the greatest assets that LCS possess is their business acumen, for without a comprehensive knowledge of what ingredients and processes make up a successful enterprise it would be impossible to utilize technology to give such high levels of return on investment. LCS are always looking to give their customers the edge over their competitors and assist them in attaining a larger market share in their particular sector.

LCS believe that for a customer to invest in technology, they must have a fundamental understanding of the technology, risks and opportunities. They go to great lengths to ensure that their customers understand these factors in a jargon free and business-like language, thus allowing their clients to make a totally informed choice.

They difference between LCS and many other IT service providers is based upon one of their core values, “responsibility”. They take a holistic approach to managing their customers IT interests by becoming part of the organization they work for and put those interests first, above and beyond their own.

LCS HQLCS do not shy away from transparently telling it as it is, for this is one of the biggest weaknesses in the SMB IT service provider industry. Many IT service providers put their own interests and profit first and fail to uphold a straight-talking approach, through fear of upsetting or losing a customer or income stream. LCS know that this approach is destined to fail in the medium term and their high level of client retention is a testament to their transparency and strength of character.

LCS have been entrusting their network infrastructure, cabling and fibre optic requirements to Flexicoms for over 5 years and recognize that outsourcing this expertise to a company that can deliver this work to a high standard adds value to themselves and their customers.

To contact LCS visit their website at email them at or simply call them on 01472 501234 for friendly and positive advice about any of your IT requirements.

Put simply they are totally dedicated to Making IT Work for their customers.