Scalable Platforms – Spring 2018

At Flexicomms, we offer specific and tailored telecommunication solutions that are scalable platforms but that are flexible with system settings that can be changed quickly and easily, whether your business has one or one hundred handsets. Our engineers ensure your calls can be recorded with call recording equipment and most importantly are secure.

Client feature options:

  • Conferencing
  • Call queuing
  • Custom prompts and music messages
  • Call groups can be set with specific handsets programmed to ring when numbers are called.


SIP Trucking – Cost Savings.

This is where voice traffic uses an internet connection to route calls over rather than traditional copper lines. It can and we will deliver great cost savings. SIP Trunking is cheaper than ISDN lines but provide all the same features and clarity. For business continuity, when used in conjunction with failover internet connections, it provides a more resilient but flexible way of operating.


How best to protect your telephone system from fraud?

  • Always protect your business against premium rate numbers.
  • Change passwords and voicemail passcodes regularly.
  • Consider who has access to what handsets and what lines and monitor this.
  •  Always make sure that your comms room is secure and you know who has access at all times including system access.
  • Set up a call barring approach to your lines and telephone system.
  • Let us help you with a ‘fraud’ monitoring approach that is safe, secure, and insures we will protect your company against fraud